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WELCOME! What if noble and natural materials were part of your daily life? Welcome to the blog Living'ROC, you will find useful information to better understand "the" natural stones, their composition, finishing and maintenance. A small expression that fits your decor desires and will accompany you to make the most of the opportunities offered by our site livingroc.net. You will also discover our new products and latest designs for home and garden. Enjoy your visit!



                            Welcome to LivingRoc home of trendy natural stone products.

Discover our unique selection of trendy and ecological products: stone vessel sinks for the bathroom that are polished or honed in black or gray granite to marble materials. 

You are sure to find the exceptional piece to complete your renovation and turn your surroundings into a vision that will evoke peacefulness and luxury. 

Our customers show us their satisfaction not only in their words but there beautiful designs shown in photos they are happy to share. 

Here the Dune Shadow looks absolutely fabulous.

Black granite is a very suitable stone to use  in your bathroom to bring in such luxury.

What a beautiful match where industrial meets elegance. 

Lotus Shadow is our rectangular single bathroom natural stone vessel sink made and carved from solid deco trendy pure black granite block. 

Add value to your home by installing LivingRoc's creations. 

Could you imagine one day installing a vessel sink sought after by specialist around the world looking for the purest shanxi black granite.

Our customer loved the shower base in gray granite, matched with a wonderful granite basin. 

The Spacium Shower base is a generous 54''x34'' size. Sure to make your space feel warm and inviting. 

Taking care of your comfort and security we ensure reliable non slip products.

Torrence our 24'' bathroom sink has curved inner edges allowing a large amount of water. 

We invite you to take a journey into our online inventory and see what wonderful designs awaits you.
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Discover LivingRoc's range of mosaic natural stone patio tables.  Imagine the mixing of beautiful materials (marble, persian travertine, slate) with precision for an incredible and incomparable result with some simple terra-cotta.

Let in the excellence within your homes environment.
55'' Square marble table CAPRI

Outdoor and Indoor these beautiful marble patio tables will fit perfectly into your environment.

CAPRI will remind you of Southern Italy. 

Handcrafted, the outdoor range is ideal for those looking for a fresh and unique product.  

A wonderful match for this table is the DIAMOND wrought iron chairs with a cream comfortable chair cushion. 

TUSCANY italian mosaic dining table

TUSCANY is our indoor/outdoor garden dining table is distinguished by its warm, soft and soothing colors and made from tumbled Italian marble natural stone. 

This range is one of the favorites among our line of stone mosaic patio tables. 

Nestled in the back patio of one of our customers homes this table will bring many happy memorable gatherings. 

FLORIDA patio table

This SUNsational table will delight the lovers of color. 

This natural stone table draws its energy essences of the famous sunny Florida by displaying refined lines and streamlined design.

Available in 2 different sizes to 49'' to 63'' to accommodate your needs. 

We invite you to our OUTDOOR PATIO page and see all of our designs to suite your style.  


DID YOU KNOW, LivingROC can handle your larger order....

Welcome to LivingRoc Discover our unique selection of trendy, ecological products. We work directly with artisans to deliver you the best quality of original products to your home, office or commercial space.

Whether your project is big or small LivingRoc is here to help bring your vision to life. We offer a wide variety of styles to create the bathroom space you have been dreaming about.

Rondo in gray basalt

We understand the needs of all projects and are dedicated to help assist you. Let Livingroc help you find a natural trendy stone bathroom vessel sinks, trough sinks and shower bases.

Esna in Egyptian marble

Selected by hand from the finest of stones you can choose from a wide variety of designs in the finest of Marble, Egyptian Marble, Gray or Black Granite, Onyx and Basalt. 

If your needs are of a large quantity we can help provide you a quote in a quick timely manner. No job is too large.

After a short turn around period we can have your order processed and delivered to your commercial space.

Are ready to invite your guests to experience the delight and luxury of natural stone.?

Customer service is ready to help you with all of your needs. 

Come discover our selection of trendy and ecological products at our online site LIVINGROC. It would be our pleasure to help you in any way we can.


55' Outdoor Patio Square Marble Travertine Table CAPRI

55' Outdoor Patio Square Marble Travertine Table CAPRI

Travel in the shadows and fine lines with this modern and rare CAPRI Indoor/Outdoor Stone garden Patio dining table 55"x55". 

Named after the beautiful island known from its breathtaking scenery and majestic rocks, CAPRI is ideal for those looking for a fresh and unique product. Sturdy and neat this tiled marble mosaic stone table is a safe bet it will fit perfectly into your environment. 

Accommodating up to 10 persons max (with its corners), CAPRI will remind you of the atmosphere of southern Italy. Appreciating the finesse of marble (stone), hand-made and magnificent as well as the intrinsic quality of the product! The CAPRI table will be a long term satisfactory product, along with a very strong plate with the warranty you will never see your product fade in the sun. (Sold without chairs).

Handcrafted, the outdoor range is suitable for all lovers of fine natural materials in search of a degree of extraordinary finish. You will not find something similar in traditional shops. We have not forgotten the comfort of your ears and maintenance of your decks and other spaces by incorporating plastic "anti noise - protector” skids on all table legs. This almost invisible detail will convince the most demanding buyer looking for an easy-maintenance and easy to live with!

Various treatments applied on the top, base and chairs give to our products exceptional resistance to rust and sun and rain damages.

To complete your project with buying an impressive top of the range natural stone table, you can add our wrought iron chair DIAMOND, model perfectly suited to the mood and overall finish, of the table and the base.

Please visit our whole selection of some of the most finest patio tables on LivingRoc.



Discover the sublime Outdoor/Indoor?Patio garden stone mosaic dining table available in either 49'' or 63''.
          Our IMHOTEP marble table is designed to delight your guests and welcome your gatherings

We invite you into our OUTDOOR patio space to view our many designs we have created for your surroundings.


Welcome to LivingRoc where nature meets sublime design!

Looking for trendy, chic yet affordable bathroom sinks than no need to search no more. LivingRoc is your right destination. 

Design your bathroom into an oasis of elegance and a sense of calm. 
Gray granite bathroom trough sink in a generous size of 63''x19''x2''. All one solid piece of stone created by our master craftsmen. 


Dune Shadow in the trendy pure black granite.

Add great value to your home with this ready to use bathroom sink. 

Transform your surroundings into an oasis of tranquility. 

Looking for a larger double trough sink made in genuine gray granite stone here is LivingRoc's FOLEGE.
A creation from talented masons dedicated to the idea of creating bathware made from natural material, which is environmentally friendly.

BALI bathroom vessel sink

BALI gray granite basin redefines the traditional bathroom space with it's sleek lines. 

Granite warrants easy maintenance and strength. 

Feel free to click on our facebook portfolio page to inspire yourself with our clients projects.

Please visit our site at LivingRoc.net for our many granite sink selections as well as our other natural stone materials. 



With colors so vibrant and warming we welcome the Fall season and our many outdoor family gatherings.

LivingRoc's outdoor stone patio tables can help you bring those outdoor entertaining moments some to remember while sitting around a beautiful hand crafted mosaic masterpiece.
FLORIDA marble mosaic table
Our Florida patio table certainly is one of our most beautiful tables in our table range. Cut with patterns that reminds you of the sun you can delight your guest with this rare table.
MAPLE slate patio table 

MAPLE outdoor slate patio table will warm your surroundings with its fall colors. 

Every piece is unique! Our slate is multicolored with plates of gray, silver, browns, yellow, ochre, and topaz. 

Make this season of entertaining one to remember. 

Let yourself be seduced by the sublime LUXOR with two noble materials that are Spanish marbles and Egyptian galala marble. Its sturdy and neat structure will make this table a safe value that will fit perfectly with your interior or exterior environment.

This outdoor range is handcrafted and is suitable for all the lovers of fine materials in search of an extraordinary finish. 
LUXOR marble patio table
Warm up to a cozy fire with a 32'' Mosaic coffee table that can transform into a warming firepit. Our PROVENCE  natural stone fire pit table will have a removable bowl. Refined lines and a streamlined design would be suitable for your gatherings. 
PROVENCE fire pit
We would like to welcome you to come visit our outdoor patio range to view all of our handcrafted natural stone mosaic patio tables.